hi, im brandon. im 19.
this blog consists of funnies, lady gaga, weed, pretty pictures, pretty boys. and whatever else is thrown in here that i like.

"don't ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are."
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why do jellyfish only sting when theres physical contact

why doesnt the electricity just surge throughout the entire ocean

why dont jellyfish rule the world

Fun fact!  Jellyfish don’t use electricity to sting you.  Whenever they feel pressure against their tentacles, it causes its cells to rapidly send out these stingers into your skin that then release its venom.  Like this:


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my mom went to high school with jamie lee curtis and one time they both got caught smoking pot together and jamie told the teacher it was my mom’s and my mom was suspended and jamie lee got no punishment so think about that next time you want some activia

the laxative yogurt lady fucked over my mom